About Me

My fur Baby and Me

Hello My name is Jamie… 

And this is my fur baby COOPER!

He is my heart and yes…my child. He is the reason why I am trying to find the best beds for your fur baby. I know as a pet owner it is OVERWHELMING to find the RIGHT FIT for our babies. Whether it be something as simple as beds, blankets, toys, etc.

I am trying to help by doing the RESEARCH for you. So you don’t have to get STRESSED OUT like I have over the simple things.

If your fur baby is like mine…it can be very challenging. Not only is my Cooper Bear picky about food (which he has sensitive skin and food allergies) but he is picky about his bed as well. I know that I did not help any by spoiling him but heck….who doesn’t give in to those BIG PUPPY EYES no matter how old they get.

My fur Baby and Me

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